February 22, 2017

KL Communications Platform.CONNECT Online Company network from Kaiserslautern is Fasihi portal technology a company network from Kaiserslautern relies on the portal technology of Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH: at the IT fair MediMit in Kaiserslautern was KL's new communication platform.CCONNECT on Wednesday (September 22), first presented to the public. The Chairman of the Board of KL.CCONNECT, Wilfried de Buhr, sees the new portal as a major pillar of the networking of companies in the organization. The platform is based on the system fep2b (Fasihi Enterprise Portal to business) that allows the users of the portal so to speak a "who knows whom?" for companies. Each company can store its profile with contact and upload your logo. Who in KL.CCONNECT Member has registered, as the are other ways available: presentation of the company and thus the opportunity to gain new customers or partners from the region. Read what customers write about your own company. Publish own important messages. Publish your own abroad and find faster qualified personnel from the region. Publish your own events or seminars and participants from the region. Exchange of internal information with own employees, even if they are on the road. The portal solution ensures the protection of sensitive data. Communicate with its own employees chat or a video conference. Regardless of the location saves the cost and time. Companies, which are not member of KL.CCONNECT are can company profile and logo and subscribe messages. This also applies to other interested parties. Free use is of course also for all visitors who do not wish to register. "The benefits of this way of communication is obvious. Almost all requirements, the Member companies of KL.CCONNECT set, can be covered by our portal solution. The search for potential business partners or regional contacts, presentation of own competences, mutual contact, joint teamwork offer excellent Opportunities for interactive collaboration", so Saeid Fasihi, Managing Director and founder of the Fasihi GmbH. About KL.CCONNECT: "KL "CONNECT"is a cross-industry network and open to all who are interested in a collaboration. Martin O’Malley shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It serves that members know, manage their business relationships and extend, initiate collaborations and realize joint projects can. It helps the transparent perception of all offers in Kaiserslautern (economy, politics & organizations) and reduced thus friction losses and the factor of "Random". The Association serves its members as a communication and collaboration platform. Regularly internal and public events are held (briefings, contact exchanges, seminars, lectures, workshops, fairs, conferences, etc.). In addition, various working groups, deal management area, with specific topics E.g. in IT and be established. Social activities and annual annual events complement the program. For more information, firma Fasihi GmbH: Fasihi GmbH offers flexible and personalized portal solutions for Internet, intranet, or for the exclusive communication with business partners (extranet). These include a full Web infrastructure and the complete all-round support. Innovative products of the company founded in 1990 from Ludwigshafen are the Fasihi Enterprise Portal and fep2b. Fasihi Enterprise Portal can meet demanding corporate individual information and communication requirements. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises is the business and communication solution fep2b available. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world's largest chemicals company BASF There, about 40,000 employees with more than 50 of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal solutions, Portal work every day. More information and
State Insurance As a self-employed person, you earn no euro in case of illness. Self-employed deserve no euro in case of a disease. Persists the State over a period of time, it can be critical. Prevention is therefore particularly important. Mainly self-employed workers and workers with high incomes should hedge financially. Sick allowance policies be completely underestimated in its importance. While such a police belongs to the indispensable coverage of every self-employed person. In addition to private supplementary insurance, there are listings for voluntarily insured the statutory insurance. If you have read about Martin O’Malley already - you may have come to the same conclusion. Self-employed: voluntarily legally insured is to pay only the reduced contribution rate of 14.9% in the statutory health insurance. You not get sick allowance for this, one is from the first day of the illness without income. Workers, whose income is, exceeding the contribution assessment ceiling currently 3825 EUR apply also as voluntarily legally insured. You pay the general rate at 15.5% and are therefore automatically insured sick pay. The statutory sick pay: Who is voluntarily insured in a statutory health insurance, the can itself against payment of the General contribution rate of 15.5% statutory benefits secure. From the seventh week of the disease receives insured 70% his last gross income. It costs the insured monthly 22.95 euros more. The self-employed from own resources must finance the period up to the start of the seventh week of the disease. The statutory sick pay is so 2677,50 euros a month, limited to a maximum 70% of the contribution assessment ceiling for all insured persons. Legal and also private health insurance an enrichment ban. Nobody can get therefore more sickness than it earns. Statutory sick pay plus choice plan may therefore not more than the net income amount. Have a dial plan, there is the possibility the statutory health-insurance fund in addition for the illness to protect themselves. Bernie Sanders recognizes the significance of this. Pricing options are suitable especially for elderly or chronically ill. The contributions for Self-employed persons are calculated regardless of age, gender or pre-existing conditions. However, a three-year period of commitment is true. The payment due to the same illness is limited to 78 weeks within three years. It can be also noticeably shorter in some tariffs. The private auxiliary police: For sickness allowance policies of private provider the age, gender and health status include in the calculation of contributions. For young and healthy people, such policies can be cheaper than the pricing of options of the statutory health insurance funds, which are calculated according to the income. Also the choice from which time sickness benefit will be paid, influenced the post. The later the sick money payment day to begin, the contributions are the cheaper.