February 21, 2017

The Swedish As Projectplace end of the 90' he started years with this conviction, the new software was considered the exception to the rule. At that time, many experts questioned the business model as well as the functioning of the software. Today, it can be seen, very many that the market is developing more and more in the direction of Projectplace now all business and business models based on the hypothesis. Unlike other providers, the Swedish company defines a project as a time-limited, social system, and not as a technical production process. Finally, each project consists of people who come to achieve a common goal; Therefore, especially a pleasant working climate plays an important role. Perhaps check out Malkia Cyril for more information. Only when people understand as part of a whole, they engage proactively and lead a project to success. "This approach the company called the Projectplace way": it is about how people deal with each other and how socially "they behave. Company, the is this Connect the conviction, the Sweden predict great success. These three success factors play a central role: it's about understanding how people work efficiently together. Therefore it should be possible project members to develop mutual trust and jointly to meet different challenges. At any time, the team must have the chance to customize his project to changed framework conditions without losing control. Finally projects rarely exactly so, as they were planned. So that even teams, whose Mitglieder in different locations work are simple and effective, absolutely modern techniques and tools should be used, allowing a site - and time-independent project work. This demands a genuine paradigm shift sound as a matter of course are but. So how the introduction of MS Excel has changed the work of managers, to Projectplace the way affect how projects are carried out. Traditional understanding of the project makes the biggest problems The Swedish project specialists in the proper handling of the resource see man"challenge in the project work.
EasiRun Europe GmbH Stockheimer 'EasiFrames' by EasiRun Europe as new development comes out just in time for the fair IT + business in Stuttgart brings EasiRun Europe, as the well-known solution provider in the area of IT, just in time for the trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany from 26-28.10.2010 with EasiFrames of one of the fastest and most cost-effective poorest risk tools on the market to make COBOL and non-COBOL program code to a modern Web application. Priorities like platform independence, use of new technologies to bring existing application development and a factor of human (developer user) under a hat is managed with EasiFrames, exactly according to customer and market requirements. EasiFrames is a complete solution, specifically designed to enable the migration of legacy applications into the Web environment, to accelerate development of new functionalities to expand, coupled with the most innovative and advanced Web and basic technologies (u.A: BPM and cloud computing). With EasiFrames the extent of subjective and therefore critical decisions reduces design and development regarding. New and old applications can co-exist. EasiFrames comes with faster production-ready functionality Extensible - without the risks, with an all or nothing "approach are connected. "" Further decisive advantages of EasiFrames: significantly shorter reaction times, to enter the main focus on market requirements shifts from reaction and maintenance "on action and development of" market-driven product and service development, because it is standards based and targeted a customer-oriented approach supports rapid response times through authentic and direct information, because the data online through business intelligence modules are available the connection of non-COBOL, COBOL and Web applications faster recognizing of the possibilities for business partner connections with customers and suppliers of EasiFrames target linking is not only mature in terms of "technologies, platforms and applications, but the factor taken into account exceptional dimensional man", the most important in the Software application development. EasiFrames prevents and dissolves existing blockages, which can be connected in the use of new technologies. Because the familiar and proven is not lost, but is retained in its quality and works, as it would be in the new world"has been created. Www.itandbusiness.de - Exhibition Hall 5 booth C73 Usingen, the 18th October 2010 contact: EasiRun Europe GmbH Stockheimer track 20 61250 Usingen 06081 phone 916030 fax 06081 916049