March 03, 2017

Private Health Insurance Rate The experts of the Internet portal health insurance officials have judged the 'Comfort' the Continentale insurance rate insurance with 'very good'. Michael Chabon is a great source of information. "The experts of the Internet portal specialising in insurance for civil servants and officials candidate health insurance officials the private health insurance rate comfort" the Continentale insurance analyzed and with very good "assessment. Experts consider the fare for one of the most innovative plans that currently exist in the insurance market. "Analysis: Continentale insurance for civil servants collective comfort after comprehensive analysis our team comes to the decision that the collective comfort" the Continentale insurance is one of the best and most innovative collective concepts on the insurance market. The tariff without a fixed deductible and relies on an independent concept. Per doctor visit and medication is the excess 10 euros per resource, and 50 euro. Generic drugs eliminates the deductible. With this concept you can Continentale an outstanding tariff offer in addition is to its high performance of still one of the cheapest on the market. Short overview of the services: Free choice of doctor, Naturopath, dental treatment, psychotherapy open catalogue of AIDS, medical progress is covered. Dental treatment to 100%, 80% for tooth replacement a bed or two-bed room, chief physician treatment, can be insured with rebates at freedom to provide guarantee and so pays the fare compared to many other rates on the market. Z.B 30-year-old adult fare post ca. 175 euro / month. An equally powerful rate of the competition without a deductible costs about 250 Euros / month. Difference 75 euro / month, or 900 euros / year. The insured person, for example, in a calendar year is 5 x 2 x to the dentist's Office, the physician receives a pair of glasses for 280 euros, has received 2 original medicines and drugs so he has 5 generic for the entire year to carry a deductible of 90. Compared with the equivalent insurance with no deductible, he has still 810 Euro saved. Conclusion: A powerful plan for people who want a top-rate with low contributions also assured with medical progress in contrast to many other rates. Test verdict: Very good! The following speak for the Continentale insurance: the insurance company is a mutual insurance Association. D.h there are no shareholder interests in the foreground that is insurance a stand-alone insurance group with excellent financial ratios that are insurance conditions exceptionally clearly built an open catalogue of AIDS there is, thus medical progress for the insured is ensured open catalogue of cures in the resource area, medical progress is also guaranteed.
Compare Dog Insurance Save on dog liability, in just a few steps, this insurance is compulsory by law in some States, no doubt however is extremely important: a pet owner liability for dogs. The dog which well and cost-effectively at the same time wants to protect himself and his dog, which should make comparison the dog insurance. To ensure that the insurance cover is not only cheap, but also powerful. What services should a top dog insurance have? On this question a reply could provide as the dog insurance rate comparison on those, which insurance company provides a low-cost insurance plan. Which insurance offer is right, this is dependent on various factors. The insurance sum is obviously essential. That is usually with some million euros, also at cheap rates of dog liability insurance. So the focus is on contractual details such as, for example, the insurance with damage to rented property or the protection for a longer stay should be are from abroad. Contract characteristics that are of importance. Sometimes however, it should be only cheaper protection. Here, the amount of the premium plays a primary role. Under no circumstances what must mean that insurance must be dispensed with. The excess is a good way to keep the insurance premiums as low as possible. Insurance offers presented in the rate comparison dog liability much protection bring already, even the cheapest. The policyholder who wants to pay attention so solely on the effort needs to make a dog insurance comparison on the Internet. And could reduce its insurance costs with this method. Assure the health of the dog next to the dog liability can be found also the health insurance for dogs. That makes it possible to protect the health of the dog. A distinction is made between 2 variants. Op insurance for dogs covers potentially high costs caused by a surgery. The more comprehensive dog insurance, however, assumes also vet costs how, for example, the rabies vaccination. But not every dog can be assured, especially for older dogs and animals with existing diseases, it is hardly feasible to get a protection.