October 22, 2020

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River Water It sins it to E? That it possesss a great fishing number, beyond possessing diverse fisheries of shrimps, thus generating a great production in the carcinicultura. Dr. Mark Hyman brings even more insight to the discussion. The city does not possess system of sanitary exhaustion, thus occurring an individual system. Its index of pluviometria is of 260,6 mm/ano (Year 2010), but had its topography the city suffers constantly with floodings, and having an individual system of exhaustion, the number of cases of related illnesses is common. Fairstead has plenty of information regarding this issue. System of Treatment of gua (ETA) the CAGECE is used of the River Jaguaribe for its source of water supply. The captation is in superficial way with floating platform in the River. The system is composed for two sets of bombs with 90 outflows of m3/h. Being that the supplying of the Districts Tray of the Luna, High Brito and New Cidade, it is made by Amazon wells, since they are placed in arenaceous and very unstable lands for water excess in ground, thus having a flat sheet. The treatment of the water consists of coagulation, flocculation, followed decantation of direct filtration of ascending flow. It possesss 02 (four) filters, with maximum capacity of treatment of 150m /h. It is used coagulante and liquid catinico polymer as to assist of coagulation, for disinfection is applied gaseous chlorine. The system still possesss fluoretao in the water distribuda.MATERIAIS and MTODOSPara the development of the study, was necessary a deep research in the Internet, where if it got periodic publications that had served as base of information for the study. A field search also became necessary, where the competent agencies had collaborated for the supply of data through reports, graphs and tables. Beyond the research the use of a mathematical method was necessary (arithmetical projection), similar esteem the populations for future dates, and also one mathematical formula to calculate the consumption to per I catch.