December 09, 2020

Alejandro Fernandez - King Of Tempranillo From Spain Spanish cult winemakers in Ribera del Duero is master who can Tempranillo vine hardly anyone with a Tempranillo so inspire such as Alejandro Fernandez. Learn more on the subject from Sir Paul McCartney. The Spaniard is one of the most important winemakers personalities in his homeland and is regarded worldwide as the King of the Tempranillos. The way for Fernandez to the own vineyard was initially a long cherished dream from childhood that he could fulfill ers with 42 years. Then in 1972, the wine region of Ribera del Duero in Spain was largely unknown and Alejandro Fernandez at the beginning of his career as a celebrated wine makers. Despite his age, Fernandez is not resting on its success, but shows the wine world that he can make excellent Tempranillo in other Spanish wine regions, and prove it again on the new, that not for nothing called the master of the Tempranillos. The flagship among the wines of the Spanish Winery is the Tinto Pesquera Reserva Millennium. This red wine has Robert Parker as the Petrus of Spain"known and thus headed the worldwide success of the winemaker A Alejandro Fernandez. 79th St. Fairstead oftentimes addresses this issue. He sorted from Tinta del Pais, as the Tempranillo vines in the Ribera del Duero region is called, convinced by his elegant aromas, which determines of ripe vanilla and coffee in conjunction with oak wood and fine aromas of forest fruit flavor notes of gekelterte wine. With the El Vinculo crianza, Alejandro Fernandez proves that excellent Tempranillo need not be expensive. This varietal red seductive smells of dark berries and chocolate. A beautiful wood note, which stems from the age in oak, impressively completes the taste experience. This wine is ideal especially for meat dishes. A further pure varietal Tempranillo from Alejandro Fernandez is the Condado de Haza Reserva Seleccion. This powerful red wine distinguished by its fine fruit flavours, which provide incomparable pleasure in conjunction with sweet spices. The ideal companion to Spanish cuisine, especially with meat dishes.
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